Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Amsterdam Times

This fun little extra tidbit of the Apparition Abolishers universe was written by none other than our very own Christopher Harvey (aka Sir Quincy Peck.) Be sure to click the image to enjoy it's full capacity. It's a nice big size perfect for a screen saver or wallpaper. Also, for all you "hardcore geeks" out there, there are some fun pop culture references hidden in the piece as well, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The A.T.T. - Part 3 - The Finished Art

I realize this post is a few days past due. I apologize for that.
So without further ado* here is a few shots of the finished art that the Automated Torque Telegrapher Maquette came in very handy for.

This last one of the newspaper was really fun because I knew the details were not too important and that allowed me to be quite loose with illustration. My good friend and fellow Abolisher, Christopher Harvey (aka Sir Quincy Peck) did the layout for this fine looking turn-of-the-century bathroom reading material. Tomorrow, I'll post a nice screen saver size version of the paper large enough to be able to read the fun articles, along with the original ink illustration.

* WARNING- overly used cliché phrase in use.
You can view the A.T.T. in action in the Apparition Abolishers webcomic

See the sketches of the A.T.T. - HERE

And the Maquette - HERE